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Showcase websites

Are you looking for an elegant showcase website which really packs-a-punch? It’s a useful way to create interest in a new product or service away from your main website.

Maybe it’s your skills that you’d like to display in the form of an online portfolio, or a website to provide information to your wedding guests.  If you need a showcase website for any occasion, just ask!

Our creative team enjoy a challenge and will make sure they provide a simple yet beautifully designed website.

Does that sound like what you need? Contact our friendly team today.

Event website

If you’re putting on a regular event or a one-off event for that matter, then you’ll need a website which can handle ticket sales, provide customers with regular updates – and most importantly promote the event.

That’s where we come in! Our creative team has built hundreds of event websites – large and  small scale – and relish the challenge of coming up with new ideas.

We’ll make sure that the website can handle the three most important aspects of your event: to promote the event, to deal with the transfer of customer information (through sales or registration details), and to be a place customers can visit for regular updates and news before, during and after the event.

As with all our website creations, we’ll make sure that your event works perfectly across all platforms, maximising the reach of the website.

We use the WordPress CMS for event websites, and can easily customise this to meet your specific needs.

eCommerce Websites

The customer has already found your website page, in fact they are browsing your product or service. This is a crucial moment and we understand the importance of turning that “potential customer” into a customer.

It’s important that your customer has a seamless and simple experience from beginning to end. A well laid out website with clear images and digestible text goes a long way to help with conversion rates. We always create our eCommerce website pages with this in mind.

At Pitaron, we use eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or Big Commerce which are easy to maintain and are designed to engage with the customer, resulting in more sales for your business.

Landing pages

A landing page is a standalone website that is usually found by responding to an “ad” or search engine result. It will often display more in-depth information regarding a product or service, and can be very useful in generating leads.

It’s very important to get your landing page looking right. It needs to be visually appealing for the customer, while making sure that all the relevant information is displayed clearly, and easily digestible.

Our designers can make sure this is achieved. They’ll also keep you informed every step of the way, making sure that the landing page is user friendly across any device or screen size.

Business websites

A business website is like a fingerprint to your business. It shows potential customers what your business stands for. Getting it just right is one step further towards building a long-lasting relationship with them.

We’ve helped many different business – from established companies to start-ups – and have seen first-hand the positive effect our work can have on performance. Our design team are ready to work with you every step of the way to build a business website which leaves no doubt in the customer’s mind of what your business can offer.

We care about your business, and in the past, have even been called part of “the team” as we build relationships, continually helping businesses to scale.

And we know the personal touch is important, which is why you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the business website design process.

Custom/Bespoke websites

If your requirements for a website build are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, or if you have a clear idea of what you’d like, the chances are we’ve probably done something similar in the past.

Our talented designers are more than happy to create Custom/Bespoke websites to fit in with your ideas.  This can range from a bespoke CRM system to a simple client login area. If you want to see just how bespoke we can go, then we’d be more than happy to provide some examples of our latest work.

Showcase websites

Event website

eCommerce Websites

Landing pages

Business websites

Custom/Bespoke websites

We also create

News Portal

Online services

CRM systems

Social Projects



We are able to realize a project of any complexity, from a simple web page to a huge web service with automatic uploading of products, binding to CRM systems, synchronization, multilanguage, geo-targeting, etc. And this is not the limit of our capabilities.

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We work with the market leading platforms to create websites of various complexity







Work Flow

First, we will discuss your requirements and create a Technical Specification for the project.

The next step is the development of mock-ups for each website page. At this stage, we consider every single detail.

Once you have approved our mock-ups, we will then create a beautiful, professional bespoke design for each page of the website.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Go Live!

Now comes the implementation stage. Your completed website will be integrated onto a CMS/eCommerce platform to allow you to easily add pictures, video, text, products, change categories and much more.

Next, once we’re sure that you are happy with our bespoke design, it will be converted from design in PSD to HTML.


How much will it cost me and what is the time-frame?

The project quote will depend on your individual requirements. Therefore, it’s important that we take the time to understand your goal before we provide you with a quote.

Normally, prices range from £1000 for a simple brochure website to £10000 for a complex eCommerce website.

How do I pay for the work?

Once we have discussed your website development, we send you a proposal with a quote for the project.  We will then ask that you pay 50% deposit before starting the project and the remaining 50% before your website goes live.

Do you provide technical support after website completion?

Yes, we provide technical support for FREE for the first two months. If you require further support after that period, then we can provide a monthly/hourly fee.

How can I manage the web-site myself after its completion?

Most websites we create are set-up on a CMS system like Word Press or eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or Big Commerce. These platforms allow you to manage your products, images, text and video easily.

We will also supply you with a step-by-step technical guide on how to manage the platform.

How will my site look on a mobile phone or tablet?

All our creations are fully responsive and designed to suit all devices, from a desktop to laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Do you create content for my website or do I need to provide it to you?

We normally expect you to provide content, as you’re the one who knows your market.

If you want to help with the content for your website; we can supply a copywriter but there is a separate charge for this service.

Why work with us?

Free technical support for the first two months

Setting up site protection against theft and hacking

Free advice service for further SEO optimization and PPC strategy